Monday, 17 January 2011

A bug in

Error: The server could not complete your request. Try again in 30 seconds.

I've found a bug in today. (17th of January 2011).

You can try it out yourself:
  • Search for "tour 2010 nuclear pelicans silhouette gringo leak wondered " in
  • Look at the 6th answer from google, the one that says Casey Alen: Nuclear Bomb.
  • Click on Show more results from
  • Ooooops!!!

No, the error won't go away after the 30 secs. I tell you. I've been trying all afternoon.

What seems to happen is that there are no more results available from But somewhy google still offers the show more results link. When you click it, naturally, an error results.

You can, of course, get this error with other search terms. I got it with:
Try to get your own! Do you think you can do it? Let's see who finds the best search term:
  • One that gets a BUG to the 1st search page with the fewer search words
  • One that gets a BUG to the 1st hit with the fewer search words
  • One that gets the most BUGS to the 1st search page
Good luck!!
And have fun debugging!!

It looks like the fact of me having posted this, and people entering the sites I menction modifies the search results of google. The search terms I suggest may not work anymore, overtime. You can try the other links I suggest, or try the spanish version.

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